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James “Jay” Devitt has been a Los Angeles DUI Attorney for about 25 years and is considered one of the most active and successful DUI lawyers by his clients, his peers, Judges and Prosecutors.

He got the nickname “DUI Genius” from a client that thought he was going to jail after his 3rd DUI. Jay got the case dismissed by arguing and winning a motion to suppress the evidence after a “bad stop” by the police.

When you hire Jay, he does not hand your case off to a secretary, legal assistant or another attorney. Jay will spend up to an hour interviewing you to get the facts of the case as well as your background. The “DUI Genius” got to be one of the best DUI lawyers Los Angeles by handling every court appearance himself. In fact, other attorneys often ask him for advice on their cases since Jay has a success rate for DMV hearings that is twice the state average.

Jay is also one of the most honest attorneys in Los Angeles. If he cannot help you, he will not take your money or your case. However, he may be able to help even if you blew two or even three times the “legal limit.” The reason for this is that the Prosecutors and/or DMV may want enhanced penalties including a 9 month DUI class instead of a 3 month class.

Jay can usually get the enhanced penalties dropped and may be able to get the loss of your driver’s license delayed if he cannot beat the case. Jay is president of the Malibu Bar Association and has handled over 3000 DUI cases. He keeps up on the latest scientific information by going to seminars, reading the latest court decisions and law as well as keeping a fully stocked law library. Mr. Devitt also gives seminars to other attorneys and groups about DUI law and he has been featured on KTLA, CBS2 and KCAL news. He has also been interviewed on KNX and KFI about current legal issues and was profiled by Los Angeles Magazine. Jay has been published over 20 times and is a noted authority on sentencing alternatives.


Fight the DMV with the Help of the "DUI Genius", The Best DUI Attorney in Los Angeles.

The "DUI Genius" may be able to stop your license from getting revoked or suspended.
There are several things that we can do with the DMV to fight the suspension of your license, including hiring experts and cross-examining the police officer involved.

Call today so we can stop the headaches and navigate through the DMV process for you. With the DUI Genius on your side, you know that you have retained the best Los Angeles DUI lawyer.


James Devitt, the "DUI Genius",
has 25 Years of Daily Courtroom Experience.

Know the Science Behind DUI’s and Field Sobriety Tests.

There are over 100 possible errors that can occur with breath – alcohol devices and blood tests.

Don’t trust the results of the BAC or Blood tests until you talk to the DUI Genius. Jay can show you in 3 minutes how a .08 can really be a .03!!!

Fact is, James Devitt has proven to be the best DUI lawyer in Los Angeles.

Did you know that the officer administering the breath test is supposed to observe the arrested driver for 15 consecutive minutes prior to the test and if he fails to do so, you can win your case? Los Angeles DUI attorney James Devitt knows how to contest field sobriety tests in court and will even get the policeman to try to demonstrate the tests to the jury. They often fail their own tests!

Click the link below to learn all the science behind DUI Field Sobriety Tests so that you aren't taken advantage of.


Stay out of Jail by Retaining the Best DUI Attorney Los Angeles Has.

Our goal is to get you through this process as quickly and as painlessly as possible. This also includes doing everything we can to keep you from going to jail for a first time DUI in Los Angeles. We have worked thousands of cases and know from experience that being kept in jail for a DUI is not necessary and not normal. We don’t want our clients to have to suffer through the physical and emotional stresses of being held in jail and as one of the most successful Los Angeles DUI attorneys, we will fight tirelessly to make sure you don’t go to jail!

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"I hired Mr. Devitt after I got a DUI and he not only won the DMV case, he got the charges dropped at Court."

-Melissa C.



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